UChicago Early Decision Week- Day One


Hello again followers, I apologize for the elongated time period between this post and my last, my only excuse is I was busy. But that’s a given: it’s December. Like many high school seniors will tell you, December is a month filled with stress and anxiety as well as puts us in a hyper-dormant state where we escape our physical bodies and enter the ethereal plane of college applications, senior-itis, and most importantly late Netflix-filled nights where we gorge down unhealthy foods as tears stream down our helpless faces. I’ve meticulously included the stock photo above to give you a visual.

To make a long story short, I’m stressed. To make  a short story long, the stress I’m currently feeling surpasses any sort of anxiety I’ve felt because of school, and yet my confused and tentative teenage brain tells me that I am also excited. Dear followers, I’m not sure if you’ve ever felt this internal emotional juxtaposition, but from personal experience I can tell you it sucks.

Regardless, my excitement for the future, as of right now, drowns my fear for the future and its uncertainties. I await UChicago’s response on my acceptance on Friday and until then I’ll be leaving my thoughts, both metaphorical and silly, on here.

Day One: Complete. Keep ’em coming Chicago.


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