Things I Loved About Montage: Maile Wobb

For those of you that don’t know me personally, I recently attended the Miami Montage program at the University of Miami. At Miami Montage, student journalists from all around Florida are chosen to spend three weeks at the University of Miami where they write for UM’s annual publication; every year only 20 students are chosen. You can imagine my surprise and excitment when I got accepted! So, for the past three weeks I’ve been writing, researching, interviewing, filming, photographing- the basics of journalism. Attending this program ultimately reminded me of why I loved journalism in the first place, so I decided I would do a short series on my blog, titled “Things I Loved About Montage” so that those future students that apply can have a small sneak peak into what they’re getting themselves into.

So, now that my super long introduction has been written, let’s take a look at why these past three weeks have been phenomenal.

Number Three: The Relationship I Built With Maile

While not everybody that has attended or will attend Montage will get to meet Maile Wobb personally, I feel that everyone has met or will meet their own version.  Maile Wobb is the person you see in summer camp and think that you won’t make friends with them, but after talking to them, find out that they are as much of a nerd as you are. It was fate (or perhaps maybe the seating chart) that led me to Maile, a talented young woman with a strange, yet oddly enjoyable taste in music (80’s rock). While working on our own projects in Montage, we offered each other equal amounts of help and jokes; never was there a moment where me and Maile weren’t laughing at some dumb thing one of us happened to say, or some backhanded compliment Trevor (I’ll get into him in another post) said to a student.

While I only spent three weeks with Maile, I think that those three weeks would have not been the same without her. I knew that I wanted to get along with at least one person (I did it it with everyone really, but that’s besides the point), however I didn’t know I was going to get along so well.

I’m sure all of those that have attended Montage had a Maile Wobb of their own, but to those that are going to attend it in the future, I say this: don’t be afraid to stray from whatever and whoever you are familiar with. this way you just might find a Maile Wobb of your own.


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