Things I Loved About Montage: The Counselors

For those of you that don’t know me personally, I recently attended the Miami Montage program at the University of Miami. At Miami Montage, student journalists from all around Florida are chosen to spend three weeks at the University of Miami where they write for UM’s annual publication; every year only 20 students are chosen. You can imagine my surprise and excitment when I got accepted! So, for the past three weeks I’ve been writing, researching, interviewing, filming, photographing- the basics of journalism. Attending this program ultimately reminded me of why I loved journalism in the first place, so I decided I would do a short series on my blog, titled “Things I Loved About Montage” so that those future students that apply can have a small sneak peak into what they’re getting themselves into.

So, now that my super long introduction has been written, let’s take a look at why these past three weeks have been phenomenal.

Number Two: The Counselors

While my idea of summer camp counselors was angsty young adults being paid to handle other people’s children, the staff at Montage brilliantly proved me wrong! I think one of the best parts of montage were the counselors themselves, since they not only gave you a sense of how the real world is like, but also showed you how fun being a young adult are. I could write a very detailed description of why all the counselors were great on their own, but that would take away from the point I’m trying to make, which is this: they all worked as a team and kicked a** doing it.

Yes, some were skilled in certain areas, while others were skilled in others, but that’s what made them such a great group to work with; if you had any sort of problem, you had a large variety of talented people to choose from. They always encouraged me and other students, no matter if we failed or achieved our goal, and they did all this with a positive attitude that brightened my entire experience.

If you’re attending montage in the future, I encourage you to make friends with the students you’re working with, but also the counselors that make all this team work possible; an extraordinary combo of young adults, they all made me excited to be one myself (and maybe become a future counselor for montage!).


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