Summer Loving? More Like Summer Work and Senior Year Blues


I could only wish that the past few weeks had been like a John Travolta  music video, chock full of greasers and their girlfriends in 80’s apparel, but let’s be real for a minute. Summer movies, musicals especially, don’t resemble real life in the least; they don’t prepare you for what high school Senior Year summers are actually like: filled to the rim with anxious fretting and stressful procrastination.


Luckily my last AICE (or Cambridge) class of my entire high school experience ended June 9th (five days after summer ended but i’m not salty about that anymore), meaning I’ve had roughly two weeks time to get loads of work done, right? Wrong. Putting it bluntly, I’ve had roughly two weeks time to stay up till the break of dawn playing video games (Pokemon and Legend of Zelda, duh), talking to my nerds on skype for hours, and saying the same thing over and over again “Oh, it’s just the beginning of the summer, but I don’t want to procrastinate”. Not wanting to procrastinate and actually not procrastinating are two different playing fields, and you can only guess which one I’ve been doing so far.


That is to say this summer has been a drag (literally, that is me on the right dressed in Elton John glasses and a feather scarf), after countless hours of beating digital enemies I’m starting to wish I could go on an adventure of my own, fight imaginary enemies, and save a princess. It’s too sad I have actual enemies in real life- college, financial aid, and scholarship applications- have a princess to save- my overall sanity and emotional health- all for an adventure that I’m not too sure about- my senior year.

I have mixed feelings about senior year- don’t get me wrong I’m UBER excited to have senior superiority, to get invited to “countless parties”, to live life stress free after college apps and capstone are out of the way. On the other hand, there is the tons of work that comes into play: college applications, college essays, applying for scholarships, finding out about financial aid, increasing your gpa, SAT scores, basically excelling in every little thing that tells colleges “CHOOSE ME DUMMY”. And senioritis? HAH. Alright I have written about senioritis and the importance of not letting it weigh you down, but I have been pre-preparing for senioritis since the second half of my sophomore year- it’s still a mystery to me how I was able to survive the entirety of Junior year with no C’s as a final grade.

I tell myself I won’t keep Borges’s summer reading for August, I tell myself that I won’t waste my Sundays at Montage and I’ll be able to handle FLVS, Summer Reading, and still be able to be semi-social with my friends. I tell myself all these things, but I fear that by the end of August I will look like Squidward depicted above- a defeated man (squid?) with completed work, but at what cost. I still have hope that I will get my work into gear (which may or may not be an effect of first drafts being due tomorrow). Until next time, wordpress.

 (if the first squidward photo wasn’t enough to get my point, please refer to this next one which is equally as meaningful).


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