The Student Body and FLVS

Seconds Defining Moments

Whether it’s making up credits or simply taking a class for fun, FLVS is an integral part of a student’s life. The classes are assumed to be easy, so much so that FLVS credits are notorious for serving only as a GPA booster for anyone who might even have the slightest chance of failing a course taken in school.

FLVS credits are not required for graduation anymore yet fortunately, that hasn’t discouraged students from taking it. Automated computers that kick students out if inactive are easily replacing the teachers, who are hired even if un-certified.

Courses on FLVS aren’t nearly as difficult as those presented to an average student in an everyday classroom, but with the ability to set a desired pace, many students prefer this method over actually attending class. Online, assignments and tests can be resubmitted to earn a passing grade, which in turn gives students all the…

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