God’s Answer

The drop of water fell onto the man’s forehead, a single bead which slowly ran down his sickly face. It was the same as the one before, and the one before that; it was the same sensation, the only sensation he had felt for several days. After the first few hours, he had already etched the intervals at which the drops fell into his memory; they fell in a precise set of three second intervals, each one worse than the last.

Drip. Two. Three. Drip.

It would have been bearable if he had been able to move his head around, but it was stuck in place with a complicated metal contraption that didn’t budge an inch. It didn’t move when he tried moving in place like a frantic schizophrenic, and it didn’t move when he began to cry out  and yelp pleas for mercy. The only mercy it gave the man in the darkly lit room was it’s iron grip- the cold metal coddled his face mechanically which made the man’s yearning for something, anything remotely human, increase steadily.

Drip. Two. Three. Drip.

Huge ugly tears welled inside of the man’s sunken eyes and for some few sweet minutes he couldn’t differentiate between the tears and the drops falling on his broken, scraggy unshaven face. He was once handsome, that was evident by his strong jaw line, his deep brown eyes, his inviting lips, his youthfulness, but beauty scarcely mattered in this room of terror. Both women and men used to say how evangelical his face looked when they woke up next to him in bed, but after just a few days in the room, all of his charm was washed off his face by the drops . He was sure, once his mind- half a foot out the door already- broke, they would restrain him to a cold, rigid metal slab of a bed and dissect his head. Maybe they would find it filled with water.

Drip. Two.

The man’s eyes jerked up to the pasty yellow ceiling where a small hole was drilled. He couldn’t see any light coming from it, or any sign of life, but he knew they were watching. They had been watching from the beginning, they had to be watching damn it, all of this couldn’t be cruel and pointless. Why had they stopped now of all times?

“WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME? WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME? WHY! Why..” his screams slowly turned back into sobs and he cried.

He cried in that closet of a room and began to pray for the first time in several years.He prayed inside his head and out loud, begging Him, pleading with Him in order to survive.  He asked God for a sign, a sign that he was going to leave this hell hole alive, a sign that he wouldn’t die today.

And God responded.

Drip. Two. Three. Drip.


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