Poems That Make Grown Men Cry

Eleventh Stack

Now that its title has your attention, please allow me to introduce Anthony and Ben Holden’s collection of verses. One hundred prominent men courageous enough to admit strong emotional reactions to poems submitted the titles they found most moving. The result is an anthology of some pretty stunning poetry, including works by Derek Walcott, Abioseh Nicol, Gwendolyn Brooks, and Gabriela Mistral, to name but a few. Based on the poems included here, this collection could probably serve as the litmus test to just how frozen your own heart is (or isn’t).

Ben Holden writes, in his preface:

Despite the male tear duct being larger than the female, studies have consistently shown that from around the age of ten a divergence occurs and thereafter boys cry far less than girls. Whether that is down to cultural or biological reasons (or, as is likely the case, both)…

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