My First Kiss Went A Little Like This: Ugh

Kissing has always fascinated me.  Now that I think about it, it might have been an effect of my mom covering my eyes whenever anything remotely intimate happened in a movie or on a t.v. show that we were watching. I remember clutching my blanket and squealing over cartoon kisses, especially those in Kim Possible, American Dragon, and Danny Phantom. However, despite yearning for a magical kiss of my own, I was completely ignorant to how gross kisses could be and just exactly how much spit is transferred. Continue reading “My First Kiss Went A Little Like This: Ugh”


I saw a caterpillar today!

It climbed my back and arm when I wasn’t looking.

God’s Answer

The drop of water fell onto the man’s forehead, a single bead which slowly ran down his sickly face. It was the same as the one before, and the one before that; it was the same sensation, the only sensation he had felt for several days. After the first few hours, he had already etched the intervals at which the drops fell into his memory; they fell in a precise set of three second intervals, each one worse than the last.

Drip. Two. Three. Drip. Continue reading “God’s Answer”

Poems That Make Grown Men Cry

Eleventh Stack

Now that its title has your attention, please allow me to introduce Anthony and Ben Holden’s collection of verses. One hundred prominent men courageous enough to admit strong emotional reactions to poems submitted the titles they found most moving. The result is an anthology of some pretty stunning poetry, including works by Derek Walcott, Abioseh Nicol, Gwendolyn Brooks, and Gabriela Mistral, to name but a few. Based on the poems included here, this collection could probably serve as the litmus test to just how frozen your own heart is (or isn’t).

Ben Holden writes, in his preface:

Despite the male tear duct being larger than the female, studies have consistently shown that from around the age of ten a divergence occurs and thereafter boys cry far less than girls. Whether that is down to cultural or biological reasons (or, as is likely the case, both)…

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Mayflash Gamecube Adapter Is Back On Amazon US For Less Than $14

My Nintendo News

Good news for those of you who have been busy searching for a GameCube adapter for the Wii U as Amazon now has the Mayflash GameCube Adapter back in stock and it’s only $13.55 with free shipping. It may not be the official adapter, but that thing is incredibly hard to come by. This should hopefully be more than adequate. You can purchase it right here.

Thanks, Mr.AngerProblems

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“Para(not)normal Investigators”

“JESUS CHRIST,” Evaline screamed as the brick that nearly fell on her head broke on the floor. It was the  fifth brick in nearly an hour. “I’m starting to regret taking this job,” the brunette muttered as she shook the dust out of her hair. Sticking her head out through a rotting doorway, she surveyed the hallway. Like the rest of the building, the floor was  glossed with brownish green moss,  was covered in irregular shaped holes, and the stench of decay and rust stood in the dank air. She could feel a mild breeze from the woodworm infested windows ahead of her; it was the only sense of warmth she had  felt since entering the building. She stuck her head back inside and looked at her crew.

They weren’t a big group: a group of four, four twenty something year olds with too much time on their hands and too little judgement on their lives. Continue reading ““Para(not)normal Investigators””


Directing The Stories

I see it all the same. Nothing has changed now that I’m back. People still fight the same useless battles, they still lust over hollow crap, and I still do as I’m told.
The color pallet hasn’t changed much. The rusty greys of Chicago bring sensory flashbacks of shantytowns and bazaars.
I come home only to realize the sameness of it all. I went into war because I found life too boring. I wanted to do something honorable and memorable. Not because I am a charitable woman but because I have a low self-esteem. Because I was not satisfied with just fitting in.
Now I see that we all fit in no matter what. There is no extraordinary. There is no glory in living, just romanticized idealist.
You never have it figured out. I thought I did. I had everything planned out ahead of me. I had a wife waiting…

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New Themes: Boardwalk and Sela

The Blog

We’re celebrating the New Year with two free themes: Boardwalk and Sela.


Boardwalk: Homepage

Designed by yours truly, Boardwalk is a clean, simple, and responsive theme.

Boardwalk: Responsive Design

Powered with horizontal scrolling and built around large featured images, Boardwalk is the perfect choice for photobloggers and those of you looking for an unconventional — yet elegant and creative — theme.

Learn more about Boardwalk at the Theme Showcase, or preview it by going to Appearance → Themes.


Sela isn’t your typical business theme. It’s a vibrant, bold, clean theme with lots of space for large images, designed by’s own Ola Laczek.

Sela puts the focus on your business with a bold front page template, a grid page template to showcase your products or services, and integrated testimonials. To make your website truly unique, you can upload a logo, customize the background, and choose a color scheme from…

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