What’s been on my mind

Lately I’ve been hanging out with my one of my best friends, Nathalie, during Journalism. We’ve been going outside and taking pictures of not only the regular yearbook stuff, but also things to put in our Journalism Scavenger Hunt that Mrs.Borges assigned. In this short amount of time together I’ve realized that all the fun I’m having with Nathalie will not last; we only have about a year and a half left of school together. This doesn’t mean that me and Nathalie will cease to be friends afterwards, but with life (as well as the things that come with it) make friendships difficult after graduation. This also made me think of my other Journalist friends, Carina and Amanda- I have even less time to share with them since they graduate in June. I just hope these next seven to eighteen months go as slowly as possible. I want to enjoy the ride.


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