Confessions of a FLVS Student

To hear the ring of my phone,

Knowing someone is calling me specifically for a cause,

Is a delight like no other, unless the call is from


It would be a blessing for her to haunt me in my dreams, rather than in real life.

Dread runs through my body from only a glimpse of her name on my brightly lit screen;

Dread runs through my body from hearing my parents complain about her phone calls to them.

There’s no escaping her; I give up and answer the phone.

I say hello and she begins her torturous wail; “you have not turned in an assignment in 7 days”.

I dully nod and apologize. I feel her smirk radiating off my phone.

She asks me if I need help, when she knows the answer will be no.

Loose promises to complete assignments are made, glares from my parents continue.

We finish with small talk, despite the fact we don’t really care.

The cycle repeats itself next week.

*Wrote this poem for English Class.


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