Rex Duodecim Angelus

Power and pride were his instinctive flaws.

And yet, despite these faults, the King was full of

Himself. The Knight, his scythe so sharp, did fight;

The brawl’s result foreseen by Seers’ all over.

The King’s own Page, a lad so young, did try

To take his breath. No Sylph could save him now.

Even the throne’s sole Heir had battled bravely.

Her fingers nimble, deftly clawing flesh,

The Rogue did scar his heart. A Witch and Prince,

Both bound by hope, both strived to end his life.

A maid and mage, with timely rigor, tried to

Impose his doom; his reign had took its toll.

His Bard now laughed at his demise; such rage

Flowed through the king. The loss of pride was tough,

But still he ruled, dismissing all his wounds.

Stroke of poor luck; he died in strife: a thief.

Poem inspired by the song “Rex Duodecim Angelus” from the webcomic ‘Homestuck’, which belongs to Andrew Hussie.


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