Animals love you. Love them back.



It really saddens me to see animals on the street abandoned, ignored & neglected.

I wish I could pick up and care for every stray animal I see. But, unfortunately, I can’t.
Even if I take them to the shelter, they’ll have food & water for a few days. Maybe even a week. But ultimately, the animals get put to sleep due to overcrowding and lack of funds.

A few years ago I heard a small but high pitched meow from underneath my dads car. I grabbed my flashlight and saw wide green/hazel eyes staring at me. I reached towards it to rescue the kitty but she scratched me and left my finger bleeding. I wasn’t about to leave her there so I got a can of tuna and left it out. As she was eating, I grabbed a towel and wrapped her in it.
Now, she’s sleeping and purring…

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