Sir Nicholas Winton – BBC Programme “That’s Life” aired in 1988

Sir Nicholas Winton who organised the rescue and passage to Britain of about 669 mostly Jewish Czechoslovakian children destined for the Nazi death camps before World War II in an operation known as the Czech Kindertransport. This video is the BBC Programme “That’s Life” aired in 1988.

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Becoming a Void

I’ve always had the strangest concept in my head that for short periods I want to cease existing. It’s not because of depression, and I’m definitely not having any overwhelming dark thoughts that could make anyone go to a therapist, it’s strange. I never know why I feel like it, it doesn’t necessarily have to be when I’m sad, or mad; it happens just as often when I’m feeling neutral or even happy. It’s like a guest that you never really invited to your house party, but you let stay for whatever reason and they continue to show up uninvited to social gatherings and family birthday’s. The problem is that they aren’t a bother or a loud an obnoxious person so you let them stay every time instead of asking them politely to leave. 

It’s not like I want to end my life permanently, nor is it a cry for help or medical attention. It’s more of a ponder- a thought- that I always come back to for whatever reason. And boy do I go back to it: I can think about it for hours while multitasking, just imagining the possibility of non-existence. And it captivates me every time, I always imagine what it must be like to just become nothing, 

I’d like to see how it feels to just sort of float in some sort of void, without any interaction except for your own thoughts, but I think about the fact that if stay by myself too long I start to get anxious and I get discouraged from ever having like zone out sessions. I think that maybe I should meditate, but it wouldn’t be the same since I’d still be attached to a physical body rather than becoming nothing- only my mind would become clear, not my entire body.

I wonder if anyone ever feels the same.

How to Rock the Con on a Day Pass


If there’s one thing I’m good at, it’s scheduling my time to get everything I want to do done in a short amount of time. Only have a day at Disneyland? Boom- figured it out so we can get Fast Passes for all our rides and enjoy the day. Only have one afternoon out in San Francisco? We’ll hit up some must see areas but still make it to the last BART. The same can be said for conventions, where I’m a big fan of day passes.

I’m not one who can afford to go to cons for weekends at a time, both in terms of time and money. I know there are a lot of people who would love to go to the different conventions in their area but feel pressured into having to go for the entire weekend. Trust me, you don’t have to do that to have a…

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Animals love you. Love them back.



It really saddens me to see animals on the street abandoned, ignored & neglected.

I wish I could pick up and care for every stray animal I see. But, unfortunately, I can’t.
Even if I take them to the shelter, they’ll have food & water for a few days. Maybe even a week. But ultimately, the animals get put to sleep due to overcrowding and lack of funds.

A few years ago I heard a small but high pitched meow from underneath my dads car. I grabbed my flashlight and saw wide green/hazel eyes staring at me. I reached towards it to rescue the kitty but she scratched me and left my finger bleeding. I wasn’t about to leave her there so I got a can of tuna and left it out. As she was eating, I grabbed a towel and wrapped her in it.
Now, she’s sleeping and purring…

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