Getting the Perfect Shot With Your Smartphone at Comic Con



by Travis McKnight

Imagine this scenario: You’re trying to find the best angle for snapping an exquisite photo of somebody cosplaying as Mikasa Akerman from Attack on Titan, and then some oaf in a visibly-impairing bear costume accidentally shoves you from behind, knocking you off balance. During the all-too-fast plummet toward the unforgiving concrete you helplessly watch your expensive DSLR camera slip from your grip and clatter across the floor. Before you can recover the precious device it gets kicked back toward you by an unaware child. Cringing, you pick up the camera to discover a cracked lens. And unfortunately, the only camera you have left is a smartphone.

Although smartphones are not going to give you the same custom control over a photo, with a bit of knowledge you can still come away with some awesome photos from the Con. While I’m not a photographer by any means…

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